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 Hard work and professionalism pays off! I'm very thankful you've taken the time to view this bio and listen to the music I create; I can't thank you enough!

  I've been making music for over 20 years, worked with dozens of national act musicians and have worked my way up to one of the top singer/songwriters in the NW. My forte is solo acoustic performances and songwriting and the shows I do are focused on just that, me, my 1954 Gretsch New Yorker six string and acoustic music that moves the soul. I write 60s styled songs which I mix with many cover tunes from CCR, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Neil Young, Steppenwolf, The Doors and others, using the dynamics of this timeless music to take the listener on a magic carpet ride sonic adventure.
  If you are a John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival fan you're going to love my tribute show, a night filled with nothing but the best CCR songs performed on a acoustic guitar which is guaranteed to captivate any audience anywhere with that swampy sound that's the foundation for all rock and roll written since.
  The best way I can leave you off is with some reviews of my work from some of the NW's top artists, producers and promoters, thank you again for spending  time with my life's passion and please send me your thoughts, questions and feedback to info@williamthomasanderson.com and I or my team will be back to you asap!!!

"William Thomas Anderson is a true renaissance man. His gift for writing timeless music and the emotional depth of his vocals are nothing short of inspirational. Aside from his many musical gifts and awe-inspiring intelligence I also found him to be a great pleasure to work with!" - Tony Delisio (Songwriter/Guitarist/Manager/Producer for NW top region act Mechanism)

“William Thomas Anderson has created an impressive collection of well crafted songs with this new album. Combining the tones of classic rock with 90's alternative flair, and personal singer/songwriter story telling, Sonic Sunshine offers a diverse variety of sounds, while still maintaining a universal feeling of continuity. I personally felt like I was hearing an all star jam with Tom Petty, U2, and Queens Of The Stone Age, conducted by Jack White. As I continue to listen, I find the most appealing aspect might just be the timeless nature of the project as a whole. Sonic Sunshine could have been released in 1975, in 1997, or in 2013. Lucky for us, it is here now!” – Jonny Smokes (International Touring Singer/Songwriter/Producer)

"Listening to William Thomas Anderson's latest release, I was surprised, these days I hear a lot of music that is either so hard just for the sake of being hard or just plain boring. I find his style of honest straight forward rock and roll refreshing. He's worked many shows that I've produced and has always brought his best game and given my audiences a show to remember." - Joe (Motor) Mailloux (NW Club Owner/Promoter/Producer/Singer Songwriter)

"Amazing and creative. Like Jim Morrison meeting Jack White and deciding to make killer music. Among the favorite indie artists I've heard hear on Reverbnation. Good luck in your music!" 12 String Scott - Singer/Songwriter


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